MOS210 Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) For Kubernetes

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

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Rapidly deploy and configure Mirantis OpenStack on Kubernetes infrastructure with MOS210. Gain hands-on experience in managing OpenStack services and performing common operations tasks.

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MOS210 Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) For Kubernetes


MOS210 Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) for Kubernetes is designed to rapidly familiarize operators with the architecture and configuration best practices of Mirantis OpenStack deployed on Kubernetes infrastructure. Participants will gain hands-on experience in deploying, configuring, and managing OpenStack services within a Kubernetes environment.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Understand the components of the MOS infrastructure stack.
  • Access OpenStack APIs using various methods.
  • Configure and customize OpenStack parameters.
  • Perform updates to the OpenStack version in a live environment.
  • Execute common OpenStack operations tasks, such as database backups.


  • Basic knowledge of Linux operating system.
  • Understanding of virtualization and containerization technologies.
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes API and CLI.
  • Knowledge of Helm and Helm charts.
  • Experience with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) and OpenStack.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to MOS on Kubernetes2024-03-31T13:29:12+05:30
  • Overview of Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) architecture.
  • Understanding the integration of MOS with Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Importance of MOS for containerized environments.
Module 2: Components of MOS Infrastructure Stack2024-03-31T13:31:52+05:30
  • Exploring the key components of the MOS infrastructure stack.
  • Understanding the role of each component in deploying and managing OpenStack services.
  • Overview of Kubernetes resources utilized by MOS.
Module 3: Accessing OpenStack APIs2024-03-31T13:32:54+05:30
  • Methods for accessing OpenStack APIs running on MOS.
  • Utilizing command-line tools and web interfaces to interact with OpenStack services.
  • Demonstrating API access for provisioning and managing resources.
Module 4: Configuring OpenStack Parameters2024-03-31T13:34:59+05:30
  • Customizing OpenStack parameters to tailor the deployment to specific requirements.
  • Exploring tunable parameters and their impact on MOS performance and functionality.
  • Hands-on exercises to configure and update OpenStack parameters.
Module 5: Updating OpenStack Version2024-03-31T13:36:59+05:30
  • Procedures for updating the OpenStack version within a live environment.
  • Best practices for planning and executing version upgrades.
  • Testing and validating the upgraded OpenStack deployment.


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