Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

Our blockchain course helps you unravel the mystery behind the workings of a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Learn about the bitcoin network, mining bitcoins and associated strategies from our blockchain technology expert.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


This Blockchain Course offers a deep understanding of the core features and business applications of Blockchain technology. Gain an overview of the blockchain mechanism and its functions with hands-on training using popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


At the end of Blockchain training course, participants will be able to

  • Describe blockchain technology, its business use cases, and benefits
  • Appreciate the use of cryptographic functions to develop cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
  • Explain how Bitcoin works and how decentralisation is achieved
  • Describe the task of Bitcoin mining, the hardware requirements, and different mining strategies
  • Explain how to store and use bitcoins in different real-world usage scenarios.


  • Basic understanding of cryptography / encryptions is good to have.

Course Outline

Discover Blockchain2021-07-01T15:02:28+05:30
  • What is Blockchain
  • Business Use cases
  • Challenges of the Blockchain Technology
  • Relationship with Bitcoin
  • Requirements for a blockchain in a business environment
  • Shared Ledger
  • Smart contract
  • Privacy services
  • Trust
Benefits of Blockchain2021-07-01T15:03:43+05:30
  • Relevance in Business Context
  • Consensus: Shared Reference
  • Provenance
  • Immutability: Audit and Compliance
  • Finality: Letter of Credit
  • Industry Use Cases
  • Customer Adoption
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Hyperledger Iroha
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger Fabric
Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies2021-07-01T15:03:57+05:30
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions
  • Hash Pointers and Data Structures
  • Digital Signatures
  • Public Keys as Identities
  • A Simple Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin & Decentralization2021-07-01T15:05:11+05:30
  • Centralization vs. Decentralization
  • Distributed Consensus
  • Consensus without Identity: the Blockchain
  • Incentives and Proof of Work
How Bitcoin Works Bitcoin Transactions2021-07-01T15:05:19+05:30
  • Bitcoin Transactions
  • Bitcoin Scripts
  • Applications of Bitcoin Scripts
  • Bitcoin Blocks
  • The Bitcoin Network
  • Limitations & Improvements
  • Bitcoin Core Software
  • Roots of Bitcoin
  • Anti-Money-Laundering
  • Regulation
Mining Bitcoin2021-07-01T15:05:31+05:30
  • The Task of Bitcoin Miners
  • Mining Hardware
  • Energy Consumption & Ecology
  • Mining Pools
  • Mining Incentives and Strategies
Using Bitcoin2021-07-01T15:05:49+05:30
  • How to Store and Use Bitcoins
  • Hot and Cold Storage
  • Splitting and Sharing Keys
  • Online Wallets and Exchanges
  • Payment Services
  • Transaction Fees
  • Currency Exchange Markets

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