LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 1) v5.0

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Prepare for the Linux Professional Institute's LPIC-1 exam with our LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 1) v5.0. This certification training equips you with essential Linux system administration skills, covering installation, package management, command-line operations, and security practices. Gain a competitive advantage in the IT industry with this comprehensive course.

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LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 1) v5.0


The LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 1) v5.0 is a comprehensive certification training program to validate fundamental knowledge and skills in Linux system administration. It covers essential concepts such as Linux installation, package management, GNU and Unix commands, file systems, and system architecture. This certification is highly regarded in the industry, providing individuals with a competitive edge in the job market and serving as a benchmark for ensuring efficient Linux-based operations within organizations.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Validate basic knowledge and skills in Linux system administration.
  • Understand Linux installation and package management.
  • Master GNU and Unix commands for effective system operations.
  • Gain proficiency in managing file systems and system architecture.
  • Develop skills in scripting, automation, basic networking, and security practices.
  • Attain competence in using the Linux command line interface.
  • Prepare for the Linux Professional Institute’s LPIC-1 exam.
  • Achieve a high level of competence in Linux administration and troubleshooting.


  • General computing knowledge and experience.
  • No prior knowledge of Linux is required.
  • Suitable for individuals seeking to validate Linux operating system knowledge.
  • Ideal for IT professionals pursuing LPIC-1 certification.
  • Targeted towards system administrators and computing students.
  • Designed for career changers seeking certification in Linux administration.
  • Open to anyone with an interest in Linux system operations.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Linux System Administration2023-12-22T16:01:55+05:30
  • Explanation: Overview of Linux, its importance in the industry, and key concepts.
Module 2: Linux Installation and Package Management2023-12-22T16:01:17+05:30
  • Explanation: Hands-on training on installing Linux, managing packages, and updates.
Module 3: GNU and Unix Commands2023-12-22T16:02:42+05:30
  • Explanation: In-depth coverage of essential commands for effective system management.
Module 4: File Systems and System Architecture2023-12-22T16:04:41+05:30
  • Explanation: Understanding file systems, disk management, and overall system architecture.
Module 5: Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Operations2023-12-22T16:09:40+05:30
  • Explanation: Practical skills for efficient command-line operations and troubleshooting.


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