AUTOSAR DEM Training Course

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Become proficient in configuring the Diagnostic Event Manager (DEM) within AUTOSAR, mastering fault memory management and diagnostic communication in this hands-on training course.

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AUTOSAR DEM Training Course


The AUTOSAR DEM Training Course provides comprehensive instruction on configuring the Diagnostic Event Manager (DEM) within the AUTOSAR automotive software architecture. Participants will gain hands-on experience in creating and customizing AUTOSAR applications.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of AUTOSAR architecture.
  • Learn to configure DEM for fault memory management.
  • Gain proficiency in accessing Basic Software (BSW) services through AUTOSAR.
  • Familiarize with diagnostic data exchange formats like ODX.
  • Explore enhanced diagnostics features within AUTOSAR.


  • Basic knowledge of embedded systems.
  • Experience with AUTOSAR programming.
  • Familiarity with automotive software development concepts.
  • Understanding of client-server and sender-receiver communication

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to AUTOSAR Architecture2024-04-28T13:43:59+05:30
  • Differentiating basic ECU architecture from AUTOSAR-compliant architecture.
  • Understanding the motivation behind AUTOSAR and its benefits.
  • Exploring the key concepts such as software components, run-time environment, and basic software.
Module 2: Understanding Diagnostic Modules in AUTOSAR2024-04-28T13:44:57+05:30
  • Overview of AUTOSAR Diagnostic Modules: DCM, DEM, and FIM.
  • Understanding the role of DEM in fault memory management.
  • Exploring the functionalities of DCM for diagnostic communication.
Module 3: Handling Diagnostics with DEM2024-04-28T13:45:54+05:30
  • Classifying diagnostic events and their significance.
  • Managing fault memory and storage of diagnostic information.
  • Handling diagnostic information for different operation cycles.
Module 4: Configuring DEM and Basic Software (BSW)2024-04-28T13:47:20+05:30
  • Configuring DEM for customized fault memory management.
  • Accessing Basic Software (BSW) services through AUTOSAR.
  • Understanding client-server and sender-receiver communication for diagnostic handling.
Module 5: Advanced Diagnostics and Integration2024-04-28T13:48:17+05:30
  • Exploring enhanced diagnostics features within AUTOSAR.
  • Overview of configuration data formats like ODX (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange).
  • Synchronizing AUTOSAR software component model for efficient diagnostics integration.

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