Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist™ (CEET): Exam CET110

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

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Learn to navigate ethical dilemmas and mitigate risks in emerging data-driven technologies with our CEET certification course (Exam CET-110). Gain practical skills to foster responsible development practices and ensure ethical technology implementation.

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Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist™ (CEET): Exam CET110


This course equips technology professionals with the essential skills to identify and manage ethical risks associated with emerging data-driven technologies, including AI, IoT, and data science. Participants will learn to navigate ethical dilemmas, mitigate risks, and foster responsible development practices.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Understand general concepts, theories, and challenges related to ethics and emerging technologies.
  • Identify and analyze ethical risks inherent in data-driven technologies.
  • Apply ethical reasoning techniques to resolve dilemmas.
  • Mitigate safety, security, privacy, fairness, bias, transparency, explainability, and accountability risks.
  • Cultivate an ethical organizational culture and develop ethical systems within technology-focused organizations.


  • Genuine interest in ensuring the ethical development of emerging technologies.
  • Basic understanding of concepts related to emerging technologies.
  • Practical experience in implementing data science, AI, or IoT solutions (encouraged but not required).
  • Familiarity with courses such as IoTBIZ™, DSBIZ™, AIBIZ™, or ETBIZ is beneficial.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Ethics of Emerging Technologies2024-02-19T20:37:35+05:30
  • Explore the importance of ethics in technology.
  • Understand ethical decision-making processes.
Module 2: Identifying Ethical Risks2024-02-19T21:00:31+05:30
  • Analyze ethical reasoning and potential stumbling blocks.
  • Utilize regulations, standards, and human rights to identify risks.
Module 3: Identifying and Mitigating Risks2024-02-19T21:10:23+05:30
  • Security, privacy, fairness, bias, transparency, explainability, and accountability.
Module 4: Building an Ethical Organization2024-02-19T21:11:18+05:30
  • Define ethical organizations and foster ethics awareness.
  • Develop professional ethics within organizational culture.
Module 5: Developing Ethical Systems2024-02-19T21:12:52+05:30
  • Establish policies, metrics, and communication strategies.
  • Promote ethical leadership and stakeholder engagement.

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