React with Redux

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

Redux is a predictable state container for React. As React applications become more complex, developers often find a need for more structure around the data or state they are managing in their application. The Redux provides an elegant solution for this need.

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React with Redux


This training course teaches developers the skills they need to immediately use Redux in their React applications.


At the end of React with Redux training course, participants will be able to

  • Understand state management including when it is needed and the various alternatives
  • Utilize Redux to manage the state of the application
  • Use React and Redux together
  • Implement React and Redux best practices
  • Write unit tests for React using Jest and React Testing Library


Attendees must have prior React development experience.

Course Outline

State Management2021-06-25T17:23:41+05:30
  • What is State?
  • When do you need a State Management library?
  • Alternatives to Redux
  • Using Context for Shared State
  • Server State: React Query, SWR, or GraphQL client
  • What is Redux?
  • Benefits Checklist
  • Principles of Redux
  • Core Concepts (Store, State, Reducers, Actions, Action Creators)
  • Complementary Packages
  • When do you need Redux?
  • Basic Redux Example (includes time traveling)
  • Gotchas/Tips
Using Redux with React (React Redux Library)2021-06-25T17:24:28+05:30
  • Redux with React in Function Components
  • useSelector and useDispatch Hooks
  • Provider
  • Example
  • Redux with React in Class Components
  • Higher-Order Components
  • The connect function
  • Writing mapState functions
  • Writing mapDispatch Functions
Asynchronous Actions (Redux Thunk)2021-06-25T17:24:51+05:30
  • Overview
  • Async Actions (Thunks)
  • Installation
  • Your First Thunk
  • Full CRUD Example
  • Tools (Jest, React Testing Library or Enzyme)
  • Syntax
  • Testing Vanilla JavaScript with Jest
  • Mocking
    • Mocking Modules
    • Mocking Functions
  • Debugging Tests
  • Component Tests with React Testing Library
  • Component Tests with Enzyme
    • Shallow
    • Full
    • Snapshot
  • Testing Redux Actions & Thunks, Reducers, HTTP
  • What causes a component to render?
  • Wasted Renders
  • Memoization
  • React.memo
  • Pure Components

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