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HTML5 and CSS3 training introduces new client-side web designers and developers to HTML5, CSS3, and responsive web design.

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Participants will learn the HTML and CSS skills that are needed to create professional looking web pages that will render on any screen, from phone to tablet to desktop.


At the end of HTML5 & CSS3 training course, participants will be able to

  • Use HTML5 and CSS3 to build responsive websites that render well on a variety of devices
  • Work with images, including thumbnails, rollovers, and image maps
  • Create tables
  • Work with forms and the HTML5 validation features
  • Add audio and video to your pages
  • Use embedded fonts
  • Format web pages for printing
  • Use the CSS3 features for transitions, animation, transforms, and filters


All attendees must be comfortable on the Windows or macOS platform.  Prior touch-typing experience is recommended.

Course Outline

Introduction To Web Development2021-06-25T16:26:03+05:30
  • How web applications work
  • An introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Tools for web development
  • How to view deployed web pages
  • Five critical web development issues
Coding, Testing, and Validating a Web Page2021-06-25T16:26:48+05:30
  • The HTML syntax
  • The CSS syntax
  • How to test, debug, and validate HTML and CSS files
How To Use HTML To Structure a Web Page2021-06-25T16:27:12+05:30
  • The head section
  • text elements
  • Structuring the content of a page
  • Links, lists, and images
  • A structured web page
Using CSS To Format The Elements of a Web Page2021-06-25T16:27:46+05:30
  • An introduction to CSS
  • Measurements and colors
  • Selectors
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • How to work with text
  • A web page that uses external style sheets
How To Use The CSS Box Model For Spacing, Borders, and Backgrounds2021-06-25T16:28:07+05:30
  • An introduction to the box model
  • How to size and space elements
  • A web page that illustrates sizing and spacing
  • Borders and backgrounds
  • A web page that uses borders and backgrounds
How To Use CSS For Page Layout2021-06-25T16:28:30+05:30
  • Floating elements in 2- and 3-column layouts
  • Two web pages that use a 2-column, fixed-width layout
  • Using CSS3 to create text columns
  • Positioning elements
Lists and Links2021-06-25T16:29:02+05:30
  • Coding lists
  • Formatting lists
  • Working with links
  • Navigation menus
Responsive Web Design2021-06-25T16:29:24+05:30
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design
  • Fluid design
  • CSS3 media queries
  • A web page that uses Responsive Web Design
  • Basic skills for working with images
  • Advanced skills for working with images
  • Related skills for working with images
  • Basic HTML skills for coding tables
  • Basic CSS skills for formatting tables
  • Other skills for working with tables
  • How to use forms and controls
  • Other skills for working with forms
  • How to use the HTML5 features for data validation
  • How to use the HTML5 controls
  • A web page that uses HTML5 data validation
Audio & Video2021-06-25T16:31:00+05:30
  • An introduction to media on the web
  • How to add audio and video to a web page
  • A web page that offers both audio and video
Fonts And Printing2021-06-25T16:31:28+05:30
  • How to embed fonts in a web page
  • The skills for formatting printed web pages
  • A two-column web page with print formatting
CSS3 Transitions, Transforms, Animations, and Filters2021-06-25T16:31:42+05:30

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