Advanced C# Programming

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

In this course participants will apply C# extended features, including definitive coverage Language Integrated Query (LINQ).

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Advanced C# Programming


In this course participants will apply C# extended features, including definitive coverage Language Integrated Query (LINQ), to streamline the use of C# as both an object-oriented and a first-class data-manipulation language.


At the end of Advanced C# Programming training course, participants will be able to

  • Streamline data-centric applications with C# extended features and the Entity Framework (EF)
  • Integrate Microsoft Core with .NET Framework applications for high-performance data access
  • Exploit LINQ keywords and full-stack capabilities including queries, grouping and joins
  • Generate dynamic enumerations in developer-written generic classes
  • Perform Data Driven Testing in Cucumber


  • Knowledge at the level of Programming in C#

Course Outline

Harnessing C# Language Features2021-06-25T12:32:13+05:30

Language shortcuts

  • Applying auto-implemented and lambda generated properties
  • Benefiting from dynamic and implied-type declaration

Streamlining program logic

  • Instantiating entity objects
  • Simplifying construction with object initializers
Employing Extension Methods for Middle-Tier Data Manipulation2021-06-25T12:32:54+05:30

Filtering and ordering data with lambda expressions

  • Passing lambda expressions to methods (behavior vs. data)
  • Calling Count, Reverse, Union, Except and other extension methods

Applying extended features

  • Making code more flexible with delegates
  • Parameterizing delegates and lambda expressions
  • Streamlining code with Func<T,R> generic delegates
Leveraging LINQ Query Keywords2021-06-25T12:33:22+05:30

Syntax and semantics

  • Coding LINQ queries
  • Filtering with from, where, orderby and group
  • Performing inner and outer joins

Iterating collections

  • Interfacing between C# and LINQ using IEnumerable<T> and IQueryable<T>
  • Issuing queries on entity and spatial types
Attaching to Databases via the Entity Framework2021-06-25T12:33:58+05:30

Connecting to and reading from a database

  • Inheriting Core DbContext objects
  • Correlating entity classes and data tables
  • Executing stored procedures and table-valued functions

Object Relational Mapping

  • Employing code-first and database first mapping to generate entity classes
  • Optimizing complex mapping including many to many and database inheritance

Updating a database

  • Inserting, updating and deleting data when Core is integrated with .NET Framework
  • Error handling and exceptions
  • Committing and rolling back transactions
Enumerations and Generic Classes2021-06-25T12:34:30+05:30

Dynamic Enumeration

  • Comparing IEnumerable<T> and IEnumerator<T>
  • The yield keyword
Processing Data with LINQ Queries2021-06-25T12:34:56+05:30

Advanced LINQ techniques

  • Creating anonymous query results
  • Retrieving composite views using nested from clauses


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