OS220 OpenStack Administration & Operations (Ussuri)

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OS220 OpenStack Administration & Operations (Ussuri) provides hands-on experience in administering and operating key OpenStack services. Ideal for system/network administrators, cloud administrators, and deployment engineers aiming to master OpenStack infrastructure management.

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OS220 OpenStack Administration & Operations (Ussuri)


OS220 OpenStack Administration & Operations (Ussuri) is a comprehensive 4-day course focusing on administering and operating OpenStack components to implement Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in a private cloud environment. Participants will gain practical experience with key OpenStack services and learn essential skills required for passing the COA exam.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Gain proficiency in administering and operating Keystone, Glance, Neutron, Nova, Cinder, Heat, Octavia, Ceilometer, and Aodh.
  • Understand authentication methods, RBAC policies, image management, network configurations, instance deployment, block storage management, orchestration with Heat, load balancing with Octavia, and telemetry services.
  • Learn about security compliance options, resource quotas, instance live migration, volume types, and alarm configurations.
  • Utilize reference implementations such as LVM, Open vSwitch, and diskimage-create utility for block storage, networking, and load balancer management.


  • Basic understanding of cloud and virtualization technologies.
  • Familiarity with hypervisor technologies such as KVM or VMware (beneficial but not required).
  • Basic Linux skills for system administration.
  • Completion of OS100 or equivalent OpenStack experience.
  • Access to a laptop with WiFi connectivity and the latest Chrome or Firefox browser installed.

Course Outline

Module 1: Keystone (Identity Service)2024-03-31T14:41:39+05:30
  • Authentication methods and RBAC policies.
  • Managing tokens and security compliance options.
  • Introduction to Service Catalog and implied roles.
Module 2: Glance (Image Service)2024-03-31T14:43:12+05:30
  • Image creation and management.
  • Use of cloud-init and image metadata.
  • Optimization techniques with image caching.
Module 3: Neutron (Network Service)2024-03-31T14:46:00+05:30
  • Understanding Neutron architecture and plugins.
  • Configuring security groups and bandwidth limits.
  • Implementation with Open vSwitch (OVS).
Module 4: Neutron (Network Service)2024-03-31T14:46:29+05:30
  • Understanding Neutron architecture and plugins.
  • Configuring security groups and bandwidth limits.
  • Implementation with Open vSwitch (OVS).
Module 5: Nova (Compute Service)2024-03-31T14:48:04+05:30
  • Instance deployment and SSH key management.
  • Resource quotas and server groups.
  • Live migration and performance optimization.

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