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Teradata is a fully scalable relational database management system that is used to store, retrieve and manipulate big data. Its advantages lie in the fact that it leads to performance advantages in terms of querying, scanning, sorting and manipulation of data.

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Teradata training will introduce participants to the fundamentals of working with Teradata. They will learn about Teradata architecture, the indexing mechanism and the various SQL queries that will allow to retrieve and perform manipulations on data. The training also covers in-depth advanced database objects used for performance optimization.


At the end of Teradata training course, participants will learn

  • All about Teradata, its architecture and components and how it compares to RDBMS
  • The Teradata indexing mechanism and handling and manipulation of data
  • Advanced SQL operations and using sub-queries, OLAP functions and others
  • Advanced Database objects and using them to perform performance tuning and optimization
  • Application utilities provided by Teradata such as FastLoad and MultiLoad
  • How to protect data in Teradata


Participants are expected to have basic Knowledge in SQL, general relational database knowledge and basic Unix commands.

Course Outline

Introduction to Teradata2021-06-28T13:41:13+05:30
Teradata Indexes and Join Strategies2021-06-28T13:41:55+05:30
Teradata SQL2021-06-28T13:41:59+05:30
Data Protection2021-06-28T13:42:04+05:30
SQL Advanced2021-06-28T13:42:09+05:30
Advanced Database objects and performance optimization2021-06-28T13:42:39+05:30
Teradata Utilities – FastLoad, MultiLoad, BTEQ2021-06-28T13:42:44+05:30
Teradata Utilities – FastExport,TPT2021-06-28T13:42:49+05:30

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