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Neo4J is a graph database that is being widely adopted due its speed, ability to handle big data more efficiently, scalability, and better performance.

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Neo4J training course will help participants design better performing apps with better query handling capabilities. The workshop starts off with an introduction to Neo4J, familiarizing with its basic fundamentals and its environment.


At the end of Neo4J training course, participants will

  • Understand the different types of databases. Get introduced to graph database and learn how it is different from relational databases
  • Get started with the Neo4J database. Learn its installation, environment and working with its browser
  • The Cypher Query language and the use of clauses, statements and conditions to query the database
  • To create an application with nodes, relationships and properties


Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of relational databases like MySQL before joining the Neo4J classes.

Course Outline

Course Intro2021-06-28T13:27:25+05:30
  • Basics about Neo4J Content
Intro to Graph Database2021-06-28T13:27:59+05:30
  • Graph Databases
  • Graphs vs Relational Databases
  • The Graph Data Model
Getting Started with Neo4J2021-06-28T13:28:22+05:30
  • Introduction to Neo4J
  • Installing Neo4j In Windows
  • Installing Neo4j In Linux
  • Neo4j Browser Interface
Cypher and Neo4J Browser2021-06-28T13:29:06+05:30
  • Understanding Cypher Query Language Preview
  • Movie Graph Example
  • Creating and Matching Nodes
  • Creating Relationships
  • Updating and Deleting Nodes and Properties
More on Cypher and Neo4J2021-06-28T13:29:45+05:30
  • Other Cypher Queries & Clauses
  • Language Drivers
Social Client Application2021-06-28T13:30:09+05:30
  • Node and Express Server Setup
  • Neo4j Driver Setup
  • Adding Nodes With App
  • Adding Relationships With App
  • Person Details
  • Twitter Bootstrap UI
  • Details Page Forms


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