CN230 Kubernetes Native Application Development

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

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Learn to develop, deploy, and manage containerized applications in enterprise environments with CN230 Kubernetes Native Application Development course, focusing on Kubernetes, CI pipelines, and advanced debugging techniques.

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CN230 Kubernetes Native Application Development


CN230 Kubernetes Native Application Development is a comprehensive course designed to equip developers with the skills necessary to build and manage containerized applications for enterprise-grade production environments. Participants will delve into various aspects of containerized application architecture, testing, debugging, monitoring, and continuous integration pipelines using Kubernetes and Jenkins.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Develop container-native applications tailored for enterprise environments.
  • Implement fully containerized continuous integration pipelines.
  • Optimize image design and container lifecycle management.
  • Integrate logging, resource management, and healthchecks into containerized applications.
  • Migrate applications from virtual machines to containers and refactor for microservices architecture.


  • Basic understanding of containerization concepts.
  • Familiarity with software development and deployment processes.
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes fundamentals.
  • Proficiency in using Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • Access to a laptop with WiFi connectivity.

Course Outline

Module 1: Container Dev Environments2024-03-28T21:32:32+05:30
  • Rapid Development Techniques
  • Debugger Attachment
  • Kubernetes Setup
Module 2: Container Lifecycle Management2024-03-28T21:33:52+05:30
  • Image Optimization
  • Runtime Operations
  • Logging & Resource Management
  • Container Healthchecks
Module 3: Containerizing Applications2024-03-28T21:38:53+05:30
  • Application Migration
  • Microservices Refactoring
  • Hybrid Applications
Module 4: Introduction to Containerized CI2024-03-28T21:44:49+05:30
  • Traditional vs. Containerized CI
  • Tooling Choices
  • Recommended CI Architecture
  • CI Agent Deployment
  • Jenkins and Kubernetes Integration
Module 5: Container Health & Monitoring2024-03-28T21:47:00+05:30
  • Kubernetes Healthchecks
  • Prometheus Integration


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