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Serverless is built on next-generation public cloud services that auto-scale and charge only when used. When scale, capacity planning & cost management are automated, the result is software that's easier to build, maintain, and often up to 99% cheaper.

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Serverless Framework enables Front End Developers to build full-stack applications without having to manage and operate infrastructure – freeing Developers from the worry of back-end tasks like scaling servers and provisioning capacity and resources.


At the end of Serverless training course, participants are able to

  • Set up serverless databases in a snap
  • Scale effortlessly

  • Save money with consumption-based billing


  • Little basic knowledge about the serverless framework

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Different Options for Serverless Frontends
Deploying Websites with Serverless Framework Plugins2021-07-01T13:23:43+05:30
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Creating a Service & Deploying a Frontend
  • Amazon Route 53 & Custom Domains
  • Creating an SSL Certificate in AWS
  • Creating a CloudFront Distribution
  • Redeploying Our Static Site & Invalidating the Cache
Adding APIs to Your Frontend2021-07-01T13:23:49+05:30
  • Adding a DynamoDB Table
  • Adding a Lambda Function to Our Service to Record Votes
  • Adding a Lambda Function to Get Vote Counts from DynamoDB
  • Adding an HTTP API Endpoint
  • Integrating the API In Our Frontend
Adding Authentication and Authorization2021-07-01T13:24:45+05:30
  • Different Options for Serverless Auth
  • Integrating Auth0 into a Frontend
  • Adding Lambda Authorizers – Setting up Your Frontend
  • Adding Lambda Authorizers in Your Serverless Backend
  • Securing our Serverless APIs with Scopes

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