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Delve into the disruptive force of AI in business with AIBIZ™ (Exam AIZ-210). Learn to harness AI's power to optimize processes, enhance user experiences, and secure assets for business growth.

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This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business, offering insights into its disruptive potential and how organizations can leverage it to thrive in the evolving landscape.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Understand AI fundamentals.
  • Recognize the functions of AI in various business domains.
  • Implement AI to enhance user experiences, segment audiences, secure assets, and optimize processes.
  • Identify design and data requirements for AI implementation.
  • Assess and mitigate risks associated with AI implementation.


  • Foundational knowledge of business processes.
  • Understanding of general business concepts.
  • Basic familiarity with information technology resources and systems.
  • Knowledge of networks, computers, and electronic devices used in enterprises.
  • Interest in exploring basic AI concepts.

Course Outline

Module 1: AI for Business (AIBIZ)2024-02-16T22:42:22+05:30
  • AI Fundamentals
  • Functions of AI in Business
  • Implementing Business Requirements for AI
Module 2: Functions of AI in Business2024-02-28T11:04:20+05:30
  • Enhancing User Experiences
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Asset Security
  • Process Optimization
Module 3: Implementing Business Requirements for AI2024-02-28T11:19:48+05:30
  • Design Requirements Identification
  • Data Requirements Identification
  • Risk Assessment in AI Implementation
  • AI Strategy Development
Module 4: Change Management for Technology Adoption2024-02-16T22:50:44+05:30
  • Strategies for managing organizational change
  • Overcoming resistance to technology adoption
  • Ensuring successful implementation of emerging technologies
Module 5: Ethical Considerations in Emerging Technologies2024-02-16T22:52:16+05:30
  • Ethical implications of AI, IoT, and Data Science
  • Responsible use of emerging technologies in business


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