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Greenplum uses the power of open systems, cloud computing, virtualization, and social collaboration to allow organizations to gain high levels of insight and value from their data.

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Greenplum training course teaches participants basic and advanced levels of the Greenplum architecture and SQL.


At the end of Greenplum training course, participants will

  • Basic SQL Functions
  • The WHERE Clause
  • Distinct Vs. Group By
  • Aggregation, Join, Date & OLAP Functions
  • Temporary Tables
  • Sub-query Functions
  • Strings, Interrogating the Data, View Functions & Set Operators
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Statistical Aggregate Functions


No prior experience is required.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Greenplum Architecture2021-06-28T13:06:52+05:30
Greenplum Table Structures2021-06-28T13:07:48+05:30
Hashing and Data Distribution2021-06-28T13:07:54+05:30
The Technical Details2021-06-28T13:08:40+05:30
Physical Database Design2021-06-28T13:08:48+05:30
Nexus for Greenplum2021-06-28T13:09:51+05:30
The Basics of SQL2021-06-28T13:09:56+05:30
he WHERE Clause2021-06-28T13:10:03+05:30
Distinct vs. Group By2021-06-28T13:10:08+05:30
Join, Date, Sub-query & OLAP Functions2021-06-28T13:11:34+05:30
Temporary Tables2021-06-28T13:11:39+05:30
Substrings and Positioning Functions2021-06-28T13:11:45+05:30
Interrogating the Data2021-06-28T13:11:50+05:30
Set Operators, View Functions2021-06-28T13:11:57+05:30
Data Manipulation Language (DML)2021-06-28T13:12:27+05:30
ANALYZE and VACUUM2021-06-28T13:12:33+05:30
Greenplum Explain2021-06-28T13:13:06+05:30
Statistical Aggregate Functions2021-06-28T13:13:16+05:30

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