SOC Intrusion – Advanced Detection Tactics

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

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Highly-specialized training program optimizing SIEM systems for enhanced threat detection and response. Gain insights into hacker tactics and refine detection skills through hands-on exercises.

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SOC Intrusion – Advanced Detection Tactics


SOC Intrusion – Advanced Detection Tactics training by CYBERGYMN provides highly-specialized expertise to optimize SIEM systems, enhancing detection capabilities and improving response to cyber threats.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Refine detection and investigation skills for SOC Analysts and Incident Response Team Members
  • Optimize SIEM systems through rule configuration, data correlation, and system optimization
  • Enhance capabilities to detect and analyze intrusions and data breaches
  • Gain insights into hacker mindset through real-life cyberattacks
  • Execute well-designed procedures effectively during cyberattacks


  • Excellent SIEM operation and configuration knowledge
  • Good understanding of data communications
  • Understanding of basic information security concepts and tools
  • Previous experience in SOC operations or incident response recommended
  • Willingness to engage in intensive hands-on training exercises

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Advanced SIEM Optimization2024-05-13T21:29:41+05:30
  • Overview of SIEM systems and their role in cybersecurity operations
  • Understanding the importance of optimizing SIEM for effective threat detection
  • Introduction to rule configuration, data correlation, and system optimization techniques
Module 2: Advanced SIEM Configuration2024-05-13T21:31:28+05:30
  • Hands-on exercises on rule configuration and customization in SIEM platforms
  • Data correlation techniques to enhance detection accuracy
  • System optimization strategies for improved performance and efficiency
Module 3: Enhancing Detection and Investigation Skills2024-05-13T21:32:04+05:30
  • Real-life case studies and analysis of cyber intrusions and data breaches
  • Practical exercises in analyzing SIEM alerts and identifying potential threats
  • Developing effective response strategies for different types of cyberattacks
Module 4: Insights into Hacker Mindset2024-05-13T21:32:40+05:30
  • Live cyberattack simulations in a secure cyberwarfare arena environment
  • Understanding hacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Extracting actionable intelligence from cyberattack scenarios
Module 5: Execution of Well-Designed Procedures2024-05-13T21:34:07+05:30
  • Practicing well-designed procedures during simulated cyberattacks
  • Enhancing coordination and communication within the SOC team
  • Evaluating and refining response procedures based on simulation outcomes

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