Coaching and Mentoring

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Unlock the potential of individuals and teams through coaching and mentoring. This course equips you with the skills to provide guidance, support growth, and foster a culture of development

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Coaching and Mentoring


The course “Coaching and Mentoring” is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective coaches and mentors. Participants will learn the principles and techniques of coaching and mentoring, understand the roles and responsibilities involved, and develop strategies for fostering growth and development in individuals and teams.


Understand the challenges and complexities of Strategy and Decision Making.

  • Understand the differences between coaching and mentoring.

  • Learn coaching and mentoring models, techniques, and best practices.

  • Develop active listening and communication skills to effectively support and guide individuals.

  • Gain knowledge of how to set goals, provide feedback, and track progress.

  • Acquire strategies for building trust and creating a supportive coaching and mentoring environment.


  • No specific prerequisites required.
  • Basic understanding of interpersonal communication and leadership concepts is beneficial.
  • Willingness to actively engage in coaching and mentoring activities.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring2023-06-29T01:24:53+05:30
  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring
  • Differentiating between coaching and mentoring approaches
  • Exploring the roles and responsibilities of coaches and mentors
Module 2: Coaching and Mentoring Techniques2023-06-29T01:25:54+05:30
  • Establishing rapport and building trust with mentees or coachees
  • Setting clear goals and expectations for coaching and mentoring relationships
  • Applying effective questioning and active listening techniques
Module 3: Effective Communication in Coaching and Mentoring2023-06-29T01:26:59+05:30
  • Using feedback and constructive criticism to support growth
  • Practicing empathy and empathy-based communication
  • Addressing challenging situations and managing resistance
Module 4: Performance Improvement and Development2023-06-29T01:27:59+05:30
  • Assessing performance gaps and identifying areas for improvement
  • Providing guidance and support for skill development
  • Creating actionable development plans for mentees or coaches

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