Apache Kafka

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

Apache Kafka has become popular with companies that need a reliable and robust platform for supporting real-time processing. The advantages it offers, such as better throughput, built-in partitioning, replication and fault tolerance make it the preferred choice for large data processing jobs.

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Apache Kafka


This course will make you proficient in its architecture, installation configuration and performance tuning. Our trainers teach you how to integrate Kafka with Spark, Hadoop and the other distributed processing system—Storm. By taking this Apache Kafka course, you will learn the basics of Apache ZooKeeper and develop the skills to implement Kafka for real-time messaging.


At the end of Apache Kafka training course, participants will learn

  • The basics of a messaging system, about Kafka and its various components and how it helps in real-time data processing
  • How to design and develop a robust messaging system
  • The Kafka cluster and how it integrates with other Big Data Frameworks like Hadoop
  • Integrating Kafka with Storm


Participants are expected to know core concepts of Java, in order to attend this course.

Course Outline

Introduction to Apache Kafka2023-05-23T16:00:50+05:30
  • Motivation & Customer Use Cases
    • Why is it relevant?
    • Some interesting use cases our customers solve with Kafka
  • Apache Kafka core concepts
    • Broker
    • Producer
    • Consumers, consumer offsets
    • Topics, Partitions, Replication
    • The (commit) log and streams
    • High level architecture
    • ZooKeeper
  • How Kafka Works
    • Partition Leadership & Replication
    • Data Retention Policy
    • Producer Design & Guarantees
    • Delivery Guarantees, Idempotent Producers, EOS
    • Partition Strategies
    • Consumer Groups and Consumer Rebalances
    • Topic Compaction
    • Troubleshooting
    • Security Overview
  • Integrating Kafka into your Environment
    • REST-Proxy
    • Schema-Registry
    • Kafka Connect
    • Kafka Streams
Kafka Event Streaming Pipeline2023-05-23T16:11:18+05:30
  • Build an Apache Kafka Event Streaming Pipeline
    • Produce Messages to Apache Kafka
    • Consume Messages from Apache Kafka
    • Produce and Consume Messages Using Apache Avro
    • Write an Apache Kafka Streams Application
    • Deploy Apache Kafka Connect
    • Configure Apache Kafka Connect Connectors
    • Repartition an Apache Kafka Topic
  • Kafka Advanced Concepts
    • Manage Kafka Topics
    • Tuning Brokers and Clients for Optimal Performance
    • Kafka Internals
    • Securing Data Flow with SSL, SASL_SSL
Kafka Programming2023-05-23T16:05:51+05:30
  • Producer API
  • Consumer API
  • Streams API
  • Kafka with Spring & Spring Cloud Streams
  • MicroProfile Reactive Messaging Specification
  • Kafka With Quarkus
  • Event Driven MicroServices & Serverless applications
  • Use Cases that fit with Kafka eco systems
Kafka Administration2023-05-23T16:09:11+05:30
  • Manage Kafka Topics
  • Tuning Brokers and Clients for Optimal Performance
  • Securing Data Flow with SSL, SASL_SSL
  • Automate deployment with confluent for kubernetes
  • Automate deployment with confluent for Ansible
  • Deploying brokers for Administrators
  • Scale Confluent platform clusters
  • Cloud Based Deployment
  • Common troubleshooting things
  • Capacity Planning

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