Data Ethics for Business Professionals

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

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Learn essential ethical principles for navigating data-driven technology responsibly in business contexts with DEBIZ (Exam DEB-110).

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Data Ethics for Business Professionals


This course delves into the crucial intersection of ethics and data-driven technology, providing insights into ethical principles, their application in emerging technologies, and the consequences of disregarding ethical considerations in business operations.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of data ethics and its significance in contemporary business environments.
  • Explore ethical frameworks and principles applicable to data-driven technologies.
  • Learn to identify and address ethical issues inherent in data-driven decision-making processes.
  • Gain insights into the impact of ethical considerations on organizational reputation and sustainability.
  • Prepare for the CertNexus® DEBIZ™ (Exam DEB-110) credential.


  • Working knowledge of general business concepts and practices.
  • Basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence and/or Data Science.
  • Completion of CertNexus courses: AIBIZ™ Artificial Intelligence for Business Professionals and DSBIZ™ Data Science for Business Professionals.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Data Ethics2024-02-18T11:58:42+05:30
  • Defining Ethics, Data, and Data Ethics
  • Principles of Data Ethics
  • The Importance of Data Ethics
  • Identifying Ethical Issues
Module 2: Ethical Principles and Frameworks2024-02-18T12:00:56+05:30
  • Exploring Ethical Frameworks
  • Application of Ethical Frameworks
  • Privacy, Fairness, and Safety Principles
Module 3: Algorithms, Human-Centered Values, and Risks2024-02-18T12:01:48+05:30
  • Understanding Algorithmic Impact
  • Discussion on True and False Positives and Negatives
  • Transparency and Explainability Issues
Module 4: Bias, Discrimination, and Case Studies2024-02-18T12:02:52+05:30
  • Analysis of Bias and Discrimination in Data
  • Case Studies: Allegheny Family Screening Tool and PredPol
Module 5: Business Considerations and Building Ethical Cultures2024-02-18T12:09:28+05:30
  • Data Legislation and Compliance
  • Managing Ethical Effects of Data
  • Embedding Organizational Values in the Data Value Chain


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