GenAIBIZ™ (Exam GAZ-110)

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

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Explore the power of generative AI in business with GenAIBIZ™ (Exam GAZ-110), mastering text, code, image, video, and audio generation to drive innovation and efficiency.

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GenAIBIZ™ (Exam GAZ-110)


Dive into the world of generative AI with GenAIBIZ™ (Exam GAZ-110) course, designed to demystify this cutting-edge technology for business professionals, providing essential knowledge to harness its power effectively.


By the end of this course, leaner will be able to:

  • Understand AI fundamentals and generative AI concepts.
  • Learn to generate text, code, images, video, and audio using AI.
  • Identify challenges and ethical considerations of generative AI.
  • Implement organizational strategies for successful integration of generative AI.
  • Prepare for the CertNexus® GenAIBIZ (Exam GAZ-110) credential.


  • Foundational knowledge of business processes and concepts.
  • Basic understanding of information technology resources.
  • Familiarity with networks, computers, and electronic devices used in the enterprise.

Course Outline

Module 1: AI Fundamentals2024-03-03T12:44:42+05:30
  • Understand basic AI concepts.
  • Explore generative AI fundamentals.
Module 2: Generating Text Using AI2024-03-03T12:47:51+05:30
  • Learn text generation concepts.
  • Apply text generation to solve business problems
Module 3: Generating Code Using AI2024-03-03T12:51:06+05:30
  • Explore code generation concepts.
  • Utilize code generation to address business challenges.
Module 4: Generating Images and Video Using AI2024-03-03T12:51:33+05:30
  • Understand image and video generation.
  • Implement image and video generation for business solutions
Module 5: Generating Audio Using AI2024-03-03T12:53:32+05:30
  • Identify audio generation principles.
  • Apply audio generation techniques in business scenarios.

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