Apache Storm

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

Apache Storm is the open source, real-time computation system that is used for tackling large streams of high velocity data.

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Apache Storm


Apache Storm training will guide participants from the basics of distributed processing to Storm syntax and how it is implemented to handle huge streams of real time data. Participants will learn how to build stable and powerful frameworks and support the growth of organization.


At the end of Apache Storm training course, participants will learn

  • About Storm architecture and how it compares to Hadoop
  • The use of real time analytics for business development and how Storm figures in it
  • Apache Storm cluster installation
  • The building blocks of Storm topology and their uses
  • How to handle failures with the Trident Topologies in Storm


  • The fundamentals of programming
  • Basic concepts of Core Java and Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Hadoop concepts

Course Outline

  • What is Big Data, Big Data Analytics: Batch Vs Real Time
  • Hadoop for Batch Analytics
  • Shortcomings of Hadoop
  • Storm for Real Time Analytics
  • What is Storm
  • Use Cases of Storm
  • Components of Storm
  • Properties of Storm
  • Storm Vs Hadoop
Storm Technology Stack and Groupings2021-06-29T11:48:39+05:30
  • Storm Installation
  • Storm Running Modes
  • Creating First Storm Topology
  • Topologies in Storm
Spouts and Bolts2021-06-29T11:49:07+05:30
  • Reliable Vs Unreliable Messages
  • Getting Data, Bolt Lifecycle
  • Bolt Structure
  • Reliable Vs Unreliable Bolts
Trident Topologies2021-06-29T11:49:31+05:30
  • Design, Trident in Storm
  • Spout, RQ Class, Co-ordinator
  • Emitter, Bolt, Committer Bolts
  • Partitioned Transactional Spouts


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