Live Online Training Program also known as virtual training or web-based training, is a type of training that is conducted over the internet using video conferencing software.

Key features and benefits of Online Training:

  • Convenience: Live online training allows participants to attend the training from any location with an internet connection, which can save time and money on travel.
  • Flexibility: Live training can be scheduled at a convenient time for the participants, which can help increase attendance and participation.
  • Interactivity: Live training allows participants to interact with the trainer and other participants in real time, which can enhance the learning experience.
  • Cost-effective: Online training can be more cost-effective than traditional in-person training, as it eliminates the need for physical facilities and travel expenses.
  • Recordings: Many online training sessions are recorded, which allows participants to revisit the training material and review the key points later.
  • Accessibility: Live online training can make training more accessible for people with disabilities or mobility issues.
  • Access to experts: Many online training sessions are conducted by experts in their field, which can provide participants with valuable insights and knowledge.

However, live online training can also have its own set of challenges, such as technical issues and lack of body language and nonverbal cues, which can make it harder to build the same level of engagement and interaction as in-person training.

 Live Online Training

Future of Online Training Program:

The future of live online training is likely to continue growing and evolving as technology advances and the need for remote and flexible training options increases. Here are a few potential developments in the field of live online training:

  • Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning: Live online training may increasingly incorporate AI and machine learning to personalize the learning experience, provide real-time feedback, and help participants achieve their learning objectives.
  • Greater use of virtual and augmented reality: Virtual and augmented reality technology can provide immersive learning experiences that can make online training more engaging and interactive.
  • More use of gamification: Live online training may increasingly incorporate gamification elements such as quizzes, simulations, and challenges to make the learning experience more engaging and interactive.
  • Greater use of analytics and data: Live online training providers may use analytics and data to track participant progress, identify areas where additional support is needed, and make the training more effective.
  • More focus on micro-learning: Live online training may increasingly focus on providing short, bite-sized training sessions that can be completed in a short amount of time, to better fit into busy schedules.
  • Greater use of mobile devices: online training may be increasingly accessed and completed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to allow for more flexibility and convenience.

Online Training Courses Offered by edForce

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers online training on a variety of topics related to their cloud computing platform. These training sessions are led by certified AWS instructors and can be taken remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. The training sessions cover topics such as AWS architecture, security, and cost optimization, as well as specific services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Some of the online training sessions are free, while others require payment. More information can be found on the AWS Training and Certification website.
  • Microsoft Azure offers a variety of certification paths and training options for individuals and organizations looking to gain expertise in Azure technologies.
  • Azure certification online training courses are conducted by certified Microsoft trainers and cover the exam objectives for specific Azure certifications. These courses are designed to provide hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Azure services and technologies.

Azure certification online training usually covers the following topics:

  • Azure Fundamentals: This certification is intended for individuals who have a good understanding of cloud computing concepts and want to learn about Azure.
  • Azure Administrator: This certification is intended for individuals who have experience with Azure administration and want to learn about Azure management tools.
  • Azure Developer: This certification is intended for individuals who have experience with Azure development and want to learn about Azure development tools.
  • Azure Solutions Architect: This certification is intended for individuals who have experience with Azure architecture and want to learn about Azure solution design.

You can find more information and register for the live online Azure certification training on the Microsoft Azure website. Please note that the specific training and certification may change over time, so please check the official website for the most updated information.

Why choose edForce For Training Programs?

edForce is likely considered a top brand in online training for several reasons. Some possible reasons may include:

  • Quality of instruction: edForce may have a reputation for providing high-quality instruction from certified and experienced trainers.
  • Course offerings: edForce may offer a wide range of online training courses covering a variety of topics and technologies, catering to different skill levels and interests.
  • Flexibility: online training offered by edForce may be convenient and flexible, allowing learners to participate from anywhere and at any time, which is especially useful during the pandemic where virtual learning is more prevalent.
  • Interactive experience: edForce may use interactive and engaging methods for delivering training, such as hands-on labs, group discussions, and live Q&A sessions.
  • Success Rate: edForce may have a high success rate for learners who take their live training, which could include high pass rates for certification exams or positive feedback from learners.

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