Apache Impala

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

Apache Impala training will help you to extract & deliver fast real-time business intelligence from your organization’s big data storage system.

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Apache Impala


Apache Impala training course prepares you to efficiently query your organization’s big data storage, whether HDFS or HBase, with ease and quick turnaround time.


At the end of Apache Impala training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the architecture of Impala and explain its business use cases
  • Install & configure Impala and integrate with your organization’s Hadoop ecosystem
  • Configure Impala for data access and to manage metadata
  • Query Impala or HIVE
  • Partition tables, optimize performance
  • Work with Hadoop clusters in existing file systems and types


  • Knowledge of Apache Hadoop ecosystem and SQL is required.
  • Basic understanding of database administration is good to have.

Course Outline

  • What is Impala
  • Benefits of Impala
  • Exploratory Business Intelligence
  • Impala Installation
  • Starting and Stopping Impala
  • Data Storage
  • Managing Metadata Preview
  • Controlling Access to Data Preview
  • Impala Shell Commands and Interface
Querying with Hive and Impala2021-06-29T14:00:22+05:30
  • Querying with Hive and Impala
  • SQL Language Statements
  • DDL Statements
  • DML Statements
  • CREATE TABLE Preview
  • CREATE TABLE – Examples Preview
  • Internal and External Tables
  • Loading Data into Impala Table
  • DESCRIBE Statement Preview
  • EXPLAIN Statement Preview
  • SHOW TABLE Statement
  • INSERT Statement
  • INSERT Statement – Examples
  • SELECT Statement
  • Data Type
  • Operators Preview
  • Functions
  • CREATE VIEW in Impala
  • Hive and Impala Query Syntax
Data Storage and File Format2021-06-29T14:00:56+05:30
  • Partitioning Tables Preview
  • SQL Statements for Partitioned Tables
  • File Format and Performance Considerations
  • Choosing File Type and Compression Technique
Working with Impala2021-06-29T14:01:25+05:30
  • Impala Architecture Preview
  • Impala Daemon
  • Impala Statestore
  • Impala Catalog Service
  • Query Execution Flow in Impala
  • User – Defined Functions Preview
  • Hive UDFs with Impala
  • Demo – UDF in Impala
  • Improving Impala Performance

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