Salesforce for Administrator

Live Online (VILT) & Classroom Corporate Training Course

This comprehensive Salesforce training is designed for new Salesforce systems administrators.

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Salesforce for Administrator


The course first teaches attendees about the Salesforce structure and terminology, as well as how to set up and manage users, login security, troubleshooting, object and record access, and more. Attendees then take their skills to the next level with essential system administrator skills, including customizing Salesforce, creating custom objects and report types, using sandboxes, and leveraging all the automation tools in Salesforce.


At the end of Salesforce Administrator training course, participants will be able to

  • Navigate in Salesforce
  • Understand Salesforce terminology
  • Understand the Salesforce data model and object schema
  • Configure global settings – company profile, UI, calendar, and activity settings
  • Demonstrate login troubleshooting
  • Be able to restrict logins
  • Configure profiles and new users
  • Understand object & record access
  • Understand role hierarchy
  • Create and configure a data access model
  • Configure custom fields and understand field level security
  • Understand page layouts, record types, and business processes
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Understand and use lookup and master-detail fields
  • Create Workflows, Processes, Flows, Queues, Assignment Rules, Auto-Response Rules, Escalation Rules
  • Configure Web to Case and Email to Case
  • Configure and Customize a full business scenario
  • Understand Sandboxes, metadata and Change Sets
  • Use the AppExchange
  • Be prepared for the System Admin certification exam


Participants should have a working knowledge of Excel and be proficient using a browser. No other prerequisites are required.

Course Outline

Navigating in Salesforce2021-06-26T19:39:17+05:30
  • Logging into Salesforce
  • Using search
  • Parent-child object relationships
  • Configuring personal settings
  • Understanding apps and tabs
  • Using the schema builder
Understand and Configure Global Settings2021-06-26T19:41:14+05:30
  • Company profile
  • UI
  • Calendar
  • Chatter
  • Setting up activities
  • Using list views
Setting Up New Users2021-06-26T19:41:31+05:30
  • Managing users
  • Managing profiles
  • Managing licenses
  • Understanding login security
  • Troubleshooting login issues
Security and Data Access2021-06-26T19:41:36+05:30
  • Setting object access
  • Setting record access
  • Creating a role hierarchy
  • Record access exceptions
  • Managing field level security
  • Design and configure a data access model
Standard and Custom Object Customizations2021-06-26T19:41:43+05:30
  • Customize standard objects and fields
  • Creating custom objects and custom fields
  • Creating formula fields
  • Page layouts
  • Record types
  • Business processes
  • Design and configure a business scenario
Maintaining Data Integrity2021-06-26T19:41:50+05:30
  • Required fields
  • Matching and duplicate rules
  • Validation rules
  • History tracking
Data Importing and Exporting2021-06-26T19:41:56+05:30
  • Import using the data import wizard
  • Import using
Reports and Dashboards2021-06-26T19:44:22+05:30
  • Folders and security
  • Create reports using standard report types
  • Create reports using custom report types
  • Create dashboards
Emailing from Salesforce2021-06-26T19:44:31+05:30
  • Sending emails with tracking code
  • Mass emailing
Salesforce Automation2021-06-26T19:44:38+05:30
  • Workflow
  • Process Builder
  • Flows
  • Understand Chatter
  • Understand use cases for Chatter
  • Configure Chatter invites
Salesforce Mobile2021-06-26T19:44:53+05:30
  • Understand the capabilities
  • Know how to configure
  • Understand Salesforce
  • Use Quick Actions
Object Relationships2021-06-26T19:45:00+05:30
  • Recognizing the need to create a custom object
  • Lookup or master-detail?
  • Rollup summary fields
Advanced Reporting2021-06-26T19:45:07+05:30
  • Custom Report Types
  • Custom Summary Formulas
  • Bucket Fields
Support Processes2021-06-26T19:45:12+05:30
  • Queues
  • Assignment Rules
  • Auto-Response Rules
  • Escalation Rules
  • Web to Case
  • Email to Case
  • Support Settings
  • Types of Sandboxes
  • Creating and Refreshing Sandboxes
  • Metadata vs. Data
  • Change Sets
Using the AppExchange2021-06-26T19:47:15+05:30
  • Using the AppExchange
  • How to assess apps
  • Unmanaged and Managed Apps
Know When to Code2021-06-26T19:47:22+05:30
  • Understanding declarative limits
  • Evaluate customization priorities
  • Typical coding scenarios

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