A smart fixture to upskill the workforce and accelerate them according to your customised needs

The growth of the company is a result of its hard-working and well-trained employees. A shortage of experienced employees will always pose to be a barrier for any organization to expand and excel.

In today’s time, it is important to find suitable and adaptable talent to run any business. We at edForce, aid companies by building the talent cloud for the future. Our team of passionate individuals experienced in talent selection acts as a bridge with their righteous knowledge to train the talent and then help the industry meet their expectations. At edForce, we first identify individuals who are enthusiastic and have the zeal to take their company’s graph upwards. These individuals are then trained under specialised guiding experts using specific tools, techniques and skills needed for them to be an asset to the industry. With the precise skill set, now the employees, are deployed to the companies with the most complimentary requirements. This method assists the firms and the talents to maximize their potential and time, and is called the Hire Train Deploy method.

Hire Train Deploy is a model designed to impart comprehensive training to a specific group of employees, so they can surpass their performance and manage the tasks assigned by the company efficiently. This process of building the workforce and accelerating them for the benefit of the company is part of Hire Train Deploy. 

edForce takes the entire responsibility, for all the stages involved in upskilling the workforce. We work together with companies to understand their needs and then catering them with desirable talents thus solving the issue of unemployment. Our company aims to solve the issue of youth unemployment and at the same time use it as an opportunity to serve the industry with tailor-made talents using Hire Train Deploy strategy program.

Let’s understand Hire Train Deploy at edForce

edForce aims to become a pilot for companies in meeting their employee talent requirements. We aim to Hire the resources, Train them extensively and Deploy them to their most beneficial fit. Looking at a deeper glance at each of them, let’s start.

Big companies fail to perform due to a lack of skill set attained by the Employees which makes Talent Acquisition a very tedious process. edForce here takes the flag and has designed the model best suited to cater for the needs of the company avidly looking for candidates. edForce, then hires specific talents using a well-established selection method, to meet the requirements. This is a part of Hire Train Deploy.

Moving ahead with our workforce, the next step is to cater for the hired talents with the best guidance and support. Our company makes sure to provide individuals with renowned trainers and subject specialists for the best of their interest. edForce makes sure that the talent is not only given theoretical knowledge but also provided with hands-on practice thus, building the workforce. This is the Training part of Hire Train Deploy at edForce.

After Training the workforce, our clients are served with ‘upskilled individuals’ which are now well prepared to tackle obstacles in the companies, therefore contributing to the growth of the firm. We also work together with our clients to develop a comprehensive, and personalised training plan while being cognizant of government norms and scheme benefits. We do take care of your employees once they are deployed to the demand and process. This is the Deploy part in Hire Train Deploy.

edForce hands-on-training for the most sought-after skills


Adobe Experience
Manager Salesforce


BI & Analytics

Big Data


Cloud Computing



Dot Net


Full Stack Developers

Identity & Access Mgt (IAM)
Dev Embedded & IOT


Mainframe Training






Service Desk


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Hire Train Deploy by edForce helps to deal with the following

For Employers

Shortage of local talent
Difficulty in urgent hiring of talent for niche jobs
Problems of mass hiring for a specific industry skill set
High costing & investment in sourcing and training candidates
Shortage of time and resources required for training new candidates

For Candidates

Difficulty in finding internships with certification
Lack of knowledge of existing jobs with wages and apprenticeship opportunities
Lack of accessibility to technology and training materials to prepare for desired jobs
Lack of awareness of agencies, like Alp Consulting, that are ready to enroll and train freshers and help them find suitable jobs.

edForce’s advantages

We work with businesses to accurately understand their organisational challenges and help them meet their goals by providing comprehensive, and valuable recruitment and consulting services. Hire Train Deploy helps companies get project-ready talent thus resulting in higher employee utilization.

Training at edForce is the result of a collaborative effort with our clients which helps us build an end-to-end customised training plan using specialised technologies. In our approach, we look forward to understanding our client’s working environment and technical requirements; the result of which is not only a tailored training program but also a tailored recruitment strategy to help our clients find the right candidates across seniority, government security clearance requirements, local language skills and cultural fit.

edForce features a dedicated team and infrastructure to coach the individuals on various skillsets and innovative technologies. Also, it has an already trained pool of candidates who have undergone processes like pre-screening, aptitude tests, interviews, etc which prove to be most beneficial for the company with urgent recruitment requirements. Trainers also keep monitoring the candidate’s progress which makes sure that the candidate’s skill sets are updated with the newest developments within the industry.

We strive to give the companies with the best-matched resources and our Hire Train Deploy plays an integral part in the whole process to create the environments that deliver the goals seamlessly.